Hey there, Lodge Members! 

Here are a few things we’ve got planned in the coming weeks and a quick overview of what we’ve got scheduled:

Every Monday night from 8pm – 9pm we’re doing a livestream about our research from the prior week, what we’re working on, any strange encounters or synchronicities, and discuss the ongoing Penny Royal project and what’s currently unfolding in the mystery.  The first livestream will be Monday, November 2nd.  

And the mystery does continue to unfold. A number of weird things have occurred since the release of the first season, and because of the gargantuan constellation of subjects and newly discovered evidence in the mystery, we couldn’t fit everything into just eight episodes. It would have been too much to engage with all at once. So… every Friday we’ll be releasing special episode extensions, sidecar audio and full interviews exclusively for Lodge members.

We’ve set up a secret Facebook group page for the Liminal Lodge where we can all hang out and share research, personal stories, images and anything else members want to discuss. I’ll do a separate post about the secret Liminal Lodge group page that only patrons can see, and the magic word you’ll need for approval. 

We’ll be posting behind the scenes videos (via livestreams and Lens) and content about the film production with Dan Dutton wherein we explore the experience he had in Elkhorn City and re-stage his opera, The Faun. Dan and I have been working a lot with the theme of virtuality, and we’ve been experimenting with virtual reality in the film and how to create sacred spaces in virtual worlds. I think you’ll all be intrigued by the result! 

We’ll be sharing the original mastered audio for each episode of Penny Royal. There’s always a bit of audio compression that occurs in the uploading of content to podcast distribution platforms, so you’ll be able to exclusively hear Penny Royal in its original audio glory.

The original soundtrack composed by Phillip Claunch (from the band Tiny Tiny) will also be available in the next couple of weeks, including never before heard compositions. He’s also at work on the soundtrack for the second season of Penny Royal, so keep your ears open for sneak peaks.

And last but not least, we’ll be publishing articles specifically about improving your research, how to research folklore, how to discover new sources for your research, using data mining in your research, and we’ll even be making custom software that we’ve developed available exclusively for Lodge members to use and interact with. Darian has a great article coming this week about the ChannelBot he’s developed for channeling that uses random number generation. It’s pretty spooky!

There’s lots more in the works, so stick around for a wild ride. This has been a crazy mystery to uncover and interact with, and we’re excited to share investigating it with all of you. 

Thanks so much for all the support!

– Nathan

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