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Livestream Now Available On Youtube!

Hey Lodgers!Tonight the livestream is going to be available both on the Liminal Lodge group page on Facebook... and also on Youtube at the link below: for all the support!- Nathan

Livestream #58 // Channeling Mr. X

Hey Lodgers!Happy New Year! Join us tonight at 8PM for a very special first livestream of 2022. We'll be using some of the applications and techniques we experimented with in 2021 to contact and channel [...]

*** No Livestream This Monday ***

Hey Lodgers!We're unfortunately going to have to postpone this Monday evening's scheduled livestream and Experiment Night to next week. I received by booster today and felt fine earlier, but as the day has gone on [...]

Happy Holidays!!!

Hey Lodgers! We just wanted to wish all of you Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!! We hope you've had a wonderful, magical time with your families, friends and loved ones. Thanks for supporting Penny Royal [...]

Livestream #56

  Join us tonight at 8PM for Livestream #56 where we'll be discussing Jacques Vallee, the Internet and UFOs. Most folks aren't aware of the role that famed UFO researcher Jacques Vallee played [...]

Livestream #54

  Join us tonight at 8PM as we explore the history of radionics and wishing machines, how to build a wishing machine and how they work. What are the internal mechanics of wishing [...]

Livestream #55

  Join us tonight at 8PM EST for Livestream #55. While editing some of the interviews for Season Two, a strange topic came up that's a bit of an enigma (and that's saying [...]

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